Long-term Strategy

Nowa Energia Australia’s long-term strategy is to:

Develop projects from the ground up

Construct from purchased ready-to-build plans

Manage established assets which we developed and built

Cooperate with external investors to enable further investment in new projects


We will invest in a diverse range of technologies within the renewable energy sector, and have plans to combine wind and solar farms with energy storage, ensuring stability of the national energy network and the financial sustainability for the projects. An important element of this strategy is the use of innovative technology that integrates wind farms with pumped hydro energy storage maximising the use of the natural resources.


Nowa Energia Australia plans to invest in projects with a total capacity of 1,325 MW with a value of over AU$2 billion. We are currently developing projects in diverse locations with power ranging from 5 MW to 250 MW.

Our investments are geared towards four main goals:

Growing Nowa Energia Australia and becoming a leader in the Australian renewable energy sector

Supporting the Australian employment market directly and via cooperation with Australian companies

Promoting renewable energy and increase energy efficiency within Australia

Stopping climate change and protecting the environment

All project decisions will be based on the long-term sustainability of the company and the success of each individual project.


Our parent company’s many years of experience have led to unique solutions in the fields of development and financial engineering, and established cooperative relationships with industry-leading producers of wind turbines and PV panels. This enables us to implement large-scale investments in cost-effective ways, maximising the probability of success and minimising the time between initiation and commissioning.


Nowa Energia Australia is continually seeking new projects and partnerships in which we can make full use of our expertise and capital. Investments will be selected based on scale, technology, location and financing criteria for a combination of ‘ground up’ development and acquisition of ready-to-build projects.


In addition to our own developments, we provide consulting and advisory services for institutional and individual investors in the field of project development in the renewable energy sector. Our services are comprehensive thanks to our knowledge and experience. We provide support at every stage of the investment, from design and obtaining all consents and licenses to construction and commissioning.