Nowa Energia Australia

Our Mission

Safe Energy. A Cleaner Environment. A Better Future.

About Us

Nowa Energia Australia operates in the renewable energy sector from our base in Adelaide.

Our goal is to use innovative technologies to combine wind, solar and pumped hydro to develop and commission renewable energy projects that produce clean, reliable electricity.

We aim to first develop our presence in South Australia and expand further into other areas of the National Energy Market in the future.

Our Goals

Provide clean reliable energy to Australians and secure low risk opportunities for investors

To become a market leader in the Australian renewables sector within 10 years

To promote renewable energy throughout Australia and the world

To achieve our goals we employ experienced Australian professionals and cooperate with Australian companies experienced in the renewable sector. The projects we will undertake over the next five years will benefit the Australian economy, put downward pressure on energy prices, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help secure Australia’s energy future.

Our Strengths

Our People

Years of experience in the renewables sector have provide us with all the tools to manage large scale projects

Our Technology

Strategic partnerships enable us to install modern and innovative solutions

Our Standards

Our high standards at all stages of planning and construction ensure a safe and reliable source of energy

Nowa Energia, our parent company, was established in 2003 in Poland with the purpose of developing windfarms across Poland and wider Europe.

Along with its strategic partners Nowa Energia has been involved with over 50 individual projects totalling 1500MW. Following our success in Europe, we decided to invest in the growing renewables market in Australia and in 2017, Nowa Energia Australia was set up.

Our Achievements

Wind Farm Projects

Hectares of land secured

MW of projects developed